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Product Update: Access the Alga Chat in the Extension


What’s New?

Chat Integration in Alga Extension

Our latest update to Alga Pro is designed to enhance MSP functions by bringing technicians’ data together quickly. The highlight is a brand-new feature that enables direct access to the Alga Pro chat within the extension, integrated seamlessly into your PSA platform. This functionality allows technicians to inquire about tickets and receive immediate technical insights, without having to exit their current PSA environment. For example, you can ask Alga to find related tickets or request relevant troubleshooting advice while keeping the current open ticket in view.

This is one step forward in our commitment to centralizing MSPs' data and making it easier and faster for help desk agents to get what they need from their data.

We've also fixed Alga Pro's chat to ensure consistent font output throughout conversations and added a feedback feature for messages to share your thoughts on specific responses.

In addition, we've done some extension fixes and added a few things we think you'll find helpful. The Alga extension now has a "No notes available" indicator when opening empty tickets. And, to prioritize your ease, user logins now last for more than 15 minutes. We fixed the unexpected summary and advice refresh on the extension when toggling between the two. Plus, navigate to the service board seamlessly with our extension now closing appropriately when using the back button.

Here’s what you can expect: Seamless Integration: Alga Pro integrates with the tools you already use. No need to switch PSA platforms or download any extensive software your team needs to learn. Alga Pro can be used directly on top of your existing PSA platform, allowing you to keep doing what you already do - just better.

Secure Interface: A major concern for many who integrate AI in their business is whether the data will be sold or trained on. Unlike most competitors, we never train on your data, nor do we sell any of your information to third parties. Your data is stored in our private data centers, and we always guarantee that you have full control over the data that is stored.

Unlimited Use: Chat with Alga Pro for as much as you want - at no additional cost. We don’t require you to pay to unlock more features. All of Alga Pro’s features are included in the $30 monthly cost per license. Alga the extension is free - generate summaries and advice as many times as you need for no cost, ever.

How It Works Accessing the chat is simple. If you’re already a user of Alga Pro, there is no extra cost. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the chat icon directly to the right of the settings icon in the Alga extension.
  2. Sign in with your credentials created on the Nine Minds portal.

We are confident this new feature will make technicians’ lives easier by providing instant access to relevant ticket information and troubleshooting advice right to the tools they already use. Whether you need to find related tickets or get quick solutions, Alga is here to help.

If you’re not yet an Alga Pro user, now is the perfect time to sign up. Learn more at

Here's a list of all that's new with Alga:

  • Added: Chat with Alga Pro through the extension on your PSA platform. 
  • Added: "No notes available" indicator shows in the extension when opening empty tickets.
  • Added: Thumbs up / thumbs down and feedback feature for Alga Pro's chat
  • Fixed: Issue where login lasts for 15 minutes.
  • Fixed: Issue where summary and advice automatically refresh when toggling between the two features on the extension.
  • Fixed: Issue where the extension stays open when navigating to the service board via the back button.
  • Fixed: Issue where font would change deep in Alga Pro's chat conversations.
  • Fixed: Issue where user Alga Pro's chat messages would be deleted without initiation.

Curious to see how Alga can transform your help desk experience? Schedule a demo.

Download Alga free here.

We are excited about this update and can’t wait for you to try it out. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to enhance your Alga Pro experience. Email us at or connect with our Feedback channel on Discord.

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