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Nine Minds, a Clearwater-based AI startup, is reimagining enterprise software to drive efficiency and profitability. By revolutionizing how businesses use AI for customer support, Nine Minds creates a seamless and efficient experience for their users through their Specialized AI solution.

Nine Minds is backed by Bellini Capital, a private investment firm fostering technology innovation in Tampa. Nine Minds confidently secures its position as a frontrunner in the dynamic AI industry, establishing a powerful and influential presence.

Founder & CEO Robert Isaacs was Chief Software Architect at ConnectWise and has spent more than 20 years working on software for technology providers.

Nine Minds proudly introduces its flagship product, Alga, as an innovative customer service extension for ConnectWise. Powered by Nine Minds' remarkable AI engine, this cutting-edge solution revolutionizes IT ticketing by bringing the same level of intelligence and multi-faceted problem-solving as a nine-brained octopus.

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