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On-Demand Ticket Summaries, Resolution Advice, and Responses

Alga is a free browser extension that seamlessly integrates with PSA platforms, providing MSP agents with intelligent summaries, advice, and more.

Customer question

Technical Knowledge and Advice

Equip your MSP agents with real-time insights about their ticket data and with the intelligence needed to quickly resolve help desk tickets.

Easy Integration

Alga integrates seamlessly with your MSP’s existing PSA platforms, so there’s no need to worry about changing where you work.

Unlimited Use

Alga summarizes, categorizes, titles, gives advice, and generates responses for as many tickets as you need. No limits - all for free!


Rest assured knowing your MSP’s data is safe. Nine Minds will never train on your data or share your information with any third-party companies. Learn more.


On-Demand Ticket Summarization

Alga automatically generates a summary of ticket events, allowing the technician to get a quick understanding of that happened in the ticket.

Intelligent Ticket Titles and Category Assignment

Alga provides users with an intelligent title based on ticket events. Alga also analyzes the categories within the ticket board, and suggests an assignment based on ticket notes.

Customer question and response from Alga

Situational Advice and Troubleshooting

Alga analyzes ticket notes, and provides MSP agents comprehensive advice on how to resolve the issue.

Client-Ready Response Crafting

Alga analyzes ticket notes and customer sentiment to create a natural-sounding, personable response that is tailored to each ticket. Just copy and paste!


Keeping Your Data Secure

Here are some precautions we take to ensure all MSP data stays safe and confidential.

Data Isolation

All the information you provide is stored separately and securely.

We use advanced multi-tenancy technologies to ensure your data remains isolated from other customers' data.

AI Models

Our AI models process MSP ticket data to provide the necessary insights and support.

However, we never use your data to train these models.

No Third-Party Access

We never share your data with any third parties.

Your data never leaves our facilities and is handled exclusively by our team.

Private Data Centers

We own and operate our own servers located in private data centers.

This setup enhances security and control over your data, as opposed to using public cloud services.

Customer thoughts

The summaries have been great because now we can see what’s going on without searching through months of notes.

Mike, PGH Technologies

AI that’s customized to your MSP

Alga has been trained on thousands of real help desk service tickets, allowing her to identify the nature and urgency of incoming customer requests.

Person looking at computer screen

Complementing what you already use

Making technician lives easier is something we strive for - that’s why Alga is compatible with existing PSA platforms.

You don’t have to worry about switching PSA platforms just to use our AI.

Person receiving support

Enhance customer support with AI

It’s nearly impossible to juggle ticket overflow and providing accurate responses all while providing good customer service. Having a help desk assistant in their PSA platform helps technicians accelerate the ticket resolution process, allowing them to focus on providing best-in-class service.

Alga extension

Get started today with Alga

You don’t need to spend anything to experience the efficiency of Alga.


Chat with your data

See the advanced version of our AI. Alga Pro is a chat interface that allows MSP agents to ask questions about tickets and retrieve any details about historical data.

Alga Pro
Alga chat


Meet Nine Minds at CompTIA ChannelCon 2024!

Meet Nine Minds at CompTIA ChannelCon 2024!

We are excited to announce that our team will be attending CompTIA ChannelCon 2024 in Atlanta, GA, from July 30 to August 1! Whether you're a current customer or just curious about how Alga can change your managed service provider (MSP) operations, we would love to meet you at our booth (413).

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Product Update: Access the Alga Chat in the Extension

Product Update: Access the Alga Chat in the Extension

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to Alga Pro that we believe will improve your help desk experience. This new feature allows MSP technicians seamless access to chat within the Alga extension, enabling technicians to ask questions about tickets and receive instant technical insights without leaving their current PSA platform.

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Scenarios Where Alga Makes A Difference

Scenarios Where Alga Makes A Difference

If you work in the MSP industry, you've likely encountered challenges with finding the right information quickly. Let's dive into some hypothetical scenarios where Alga can make a difference.

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