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Scenarios Where Alga Makes A Difference


We understand the challenges you face daily, from sorting through mass amounts of ticket notes to ensuring every client issue is resolved quickly and effectively. That's why we created Alga - an AI assistant designed to transform the way you manage help desk tickets.

If you work in the MSP industry, you've likely encountered challenges with finding the right information quickly. Let's dive into some hypothetical scenarios where Alga can make a difference.

For Small MSPs Small teams are often overwhelmed with ticket overflow due to being understaffed. This causes the team to experience stress and burnout. Smaller MSPs also usually have budget constraints due to their size, limiting their accessibility to expensive tools. An affordable tool like Alga can provide them with a way to handle a higher number of tickets efficiently, helping take a load off of the team members.

For Long-Standing MSP Teams For seasoned technicians at well-established MSPs, it’s easy to get lost for hours in ticket notes, searching for information about old tickets to help resolve new issues. With Alga’s intelligent search capabilities, they can quickly find the necessary information and sort tickets by date, retrieving relevant information that helps them with more recent tickets.

For New MSP Agents: Inexperienced help desk agents may find themselves misunderstanding technical terminology and getting stumped on the steps to take to resolve complex tickets. These agents can use Alga to their advantage, using it to guide them through resolving tickets and even ask questions about their data. Alga gives new technicians a deeper understanding of their job and increases their confidence and morale.

Curious to see how Alga can transform your MSP's help desk experience? Schedule a demo.

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